School Support Organizations

Lake County Booster Club

Margaret Newton PTO

Lara Kendall PTO

Lake County High School PTO

School Support Organization Policy:

Any organization [athletic booster club, band booster club, PTO, etc.] that actively raises funds to donate to any school organization in the Lake County School System must meet the following conditions:

  • Each year, the organization must request and be approved by the Director of Schools.  Requests must be in the Director of Schools' office by July 1 of the year that funds will be raised the the school(s)
  • The organization MUST register with the state of Tennessee as a not for profit organization and may be asked to provide proof that they have registered.
  • The organization must maintain accurate and detailed financial data and MUST make their financial records available to school officials upon request.
  • School support organizations MUST keep their financial records for a minimum of four [4] years.

Any organization that does not follow these steps may not solicit funds in the name of the Lake County School System nor any school associated with the Lake County School System.