Lake County High School

The mission of Lake County High School is
to provide the opportunity for each student to attain the highest level of educational, mental, physical, social, ethical, and vocational development which he/she is capable.

 300 Cochran St
Tiptonville, TN 38079
(731) 253-7733

Principal - Preston Caldwell
Assistant Principal - Mike Moore

Students at Lake County High School may be eligible for the following services:
Migrant - Title I Part C
Homeless - (Title I Part D), Title X Part C
English Language Learners - Title III
If you feel that your child is eligible for these services, please contact the school.

If a child becomes the victim of a violent crime, parents will receive written notification that their child has the right to transfer to another school within the district.
Parents of students in schools which have been identified as unsafe by the State Department of Education will receive written notification of their rights.

Parents have the right to request that their child's name, address, and telephone number not be released to a military recruiter without prior written consent. Requests should be made to:

Lake County High School
300 Cochran Street
Tiptonville,TN  38079
School# (731)-253-7733
Fax#    (731) 253-7766